best holiday destinations in portugal

best holiday destinations in portugal

Have you ever heard of Dornes? No? But you should. For those who enjoy a holiday in Portugal, not knowing this village on the banks of the river Zêzere is simply a sacrilege. Let us first: this destination is in the municipality of Ferreira do Zêzere, district of Santarém. It is a peninsula, which gives an even greater charm to this rather religious village.

Here you can enjoy the river beach of Dornes or, if you want, explore the huge beaches of this kind in the region. The dam of Castelo de Bode is near and is another place to enjoy the quiet of the Center of Portugal.

The islands of the Azores are real treasures of nature ready to be explored with emotion. It is a pride to have such a beautiful and unique destination in Portugal. In total, there are nine wonderful reasons to fly to the archipelago: Santa Maria and São Miguel, on the eastern side; Terceira, São Jorge, Faial, Pico and Graciosa, in the central group and, finally, Flores and Corvo.

São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico are the most visited and largest islands in terms of population, but all have their own charms that deserve to be known. However, even if you do not manage to cover all of them, you will leave the Azores with a full heart.

Peso da Régua
In the middle of this list of destinations that fit the concept of escapadinhas in Portugal for your summer vacations, we return to the North and we park in Peso da Régua. We started to miss the Douro, lets face it.

And this is where we start our suggestions: take the opportunity to take a boat trip on the second largest Portuguese river. If the activity ends during the late afternoon, stay on the waterfront and taste some of the regions delicacies: Douro wine (white or red), accompanied by cheeses, bread and sausages.

This city of the district of Vila Real allows you to do two things: the first is to disconnect from the whirlwind of the city and to forget that there are fossil fuels. The second, is to enjoy, slowly, one of the most beautiful areas of the country, always with a mild temperature, without the normal excesses of this phase of the year in Portugal.

So what do you have to see / visit? To know: the Miradouro de São Leonardo and São Domingos, the Douro Museum and, if you feel strongly, you can take a tour of the Douro Historic Train

It is not a beach destination - in fact, there are even some river beaches in the Douro - but it is a Portuguese holiday destination that is absolutely enthralling. The landscape of vineyards is unique in the world and conquers at first glance. Then there are the farms, the wines and the Douro people, who make us feel at home.

There are more and more excellent hotels in the Douro, which combine wine and gastronomic experiences with a unique offer in the area of wellness. Imagine yourself doing a relaxing massage while contemplating the scenery. At the end, a meal prepared with mastery, with exceptional wines to accompany.



Our summer holidays may be simpler than what we might initially think: just an hour away from Lisbon we find a fabulous destination for your Portuguese getaway. Its called Comporta and, according to the New York Times, is one of the mandatory destinations in 2018.

The beach is one of the must stop points of tourism in Portugal while here you are. White sand, calm, blue and translucent waters.

The Algarve does not need presentations. A holiday destination coveted by tourists from all continents, it offers beaches and hotel infrastructures at the level of the best in Europe and in the world. The good weather that is felt during almost all the year is another decoy, however it is in the summer that the South of Portugal fills of life and of color.

Peneda-Gerês National Park: take refuge in nature
You love to live in the city and you value the convenience of having all kinds of goods and services right there on the doorstep. But during this weekend youd rather breathe clean air and be away from the noise of cars and the incessant movement of people around you. For a getaway in Gerês can be the ideal plan for you, with its historic villages, imposing landscapes and waterfalls that will invite you to change itinerary again and again. But do not worry.

The açordas where there is not lacking the aromatic coriander, the masses, the rich desserts: a regional menu of eating and crying for more. From the interior to the coast, there is much to explore and discover: from historical cities like Évora, to incredible natural scenery, such as the Alqueva, passing through lovely villages like Monsaraz.

You want to enjoy these days away from home to have fun and do those things you probably will not do on a daily basis, such as sitting quietly on a terrace or burning calories on a dance floor until the sun rises. For in Porto you will not lack ideas or places to achieve them. From the small cafes in the Ribeira area, perfect for hours of total idleness

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